Virtual Booth Services

Artist-members obtain support pages to sell their Art / Music and related Events online.   Unlike other sites, we wont monetize the site with advertising.  Your customers will never be inundated with third-party commercials and pop ups.


E-commerce Store /Payment Management 

Registered subscribers recieve online store support.  They can present and sell their art/music to visiting customers.  The store accepts payments online, with Paypal and/or all other major credit-cards

(There is no charge to set up a Virtual Booth for members

Booking Services

Registered subscribers can use the gallery to book gigs, art showings, workshops, seminars and other events.  The gallery can tailor a booking service to fit your specific audience and needs.

(There is no charge to setup a custom booking service


Ticket Sales Services

Registered subscribers can use ticket-sales support to
sell tickets to their booked/scheduled events.

(There is no charge to setup a ticket service for an event)

Promotional Support Services

Registered subscribers will have access to available AD Campaign Plans,
(as well as custom plans on demand )

(All Plans are subject to fees, based on duration and scope of the plans)


To become a registered Virtual Booth Subscriber, you must first apply. (See links below.)   Note: All registrants are subject to a review of their work(s) before they are accepted into the gallery.
Virtual Booth for Musician  |  Virtual Booth for Visual Artist  


Subscription  Fees
There are currently no subscription or membership fees.


Surcharges / Commissions
Surcharge / Commission Fees will be applied on on the following services

  • 18% on all store-revenue generated from the sale of art/music

  • 18% on all revenue generated from Workshop or Seminar bookings.

  • 10% from each event Ticket sold.  (Cost is passed to the customer)

  • 18% surcharge is built into the purchase price on AD Campaigns.


How will this be managed?

I do the 'Curating'; You do the 'Creating'.

The BluePoetSouls Gallery (Me) will manage and maintain your music/art collection(s) store and associated features.   You provide the music/art that you want to sell.  I'll prop it up for promotion and sale.

Can I add to or change my collection? 
Yes.  Add or change (part or all) of your collections at anytime.  There are more details on how to request and verify the updates / modifications.

Who determines the pricing of my work(s)? 

You determine and set your own prices.   

The gallery will comply with whatever prices you set.  However, if I think something is amiss, or not plausible, I might bring that to your attention.


How do I get paid?
When a customer purchases your art/music through Virtual Booth, the payment amount is held in escrow for a period of 10 days, (following the purchase date). This ensures that the money is there for 'money-back' compliance on product-returns.  After ten days,  the gallery pays you the purchase amount(s)  (less the commission fees).  You will receive payment, either by check (snail mail) , or through a secure Zelle banking account, (which can instantly transfer the payment directly into your account).

What's the cost to register for Virtual Booth membership? 

There is no cost to register for a virtual booth.  However,  there is

an application process.   All submitted work will be reviewed

and must be approved before it is accepted. 

What can your site do, that my own website cant do?

Basically, The BluePoetSouls Gallery site doesnt do anything yours can't do, except maybe give you convenience,  save you some aggravation, time  (and long-term cost ) of running and curating your own store/website.  Members may also enjoy the inherent leverage of the gallery's growing online presence. 

Does your site 'guarantee' the sale of my work ?

No.  The gallery does not; cannot guarantee that your work

will be purchased.  The gallery will facilitate promotion of your work, and offers secure means of purchase transactions for your customers.

Note:  Successful sales are often the result of consumer's need for, or compulsion to have the product; Confidence in the quality of the product;  Pricing and Promotion; Product awareness (i.e. advertising) .



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