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-Grant Collinsworth


Words & Music by Grant Collinsworth
Copyright (C) 2019 - All Rights Reserved

- Special thanks to Alison Reynolds - Cello

How will you treat
a child asleep in the street?
Will you throw cash
or will you drive by?  
Or, will you take him inside?

He once told me…
what you give to the least…
(Look around you 
and you can see…
what you have given to me…)

Where are the fathers?
Where are the mothers?
Where is this gift we call love?

How will you teach
the people, who stay in your keep?
Will you brow-beat them;  
with brimstone and heat?
Or will you show by deed…?


He once told me
(What you choose to) embrace; 
Will you pass?  
Or will you keep faith? 
Will you accept  my grace …

Where are the sons and
where are the daughters? 


How far will you take his love?

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