A Diet of Punchlines

In the ever growing parade of misleading music success pitches (found on all social media platforms.) There is an assumption these days, that music-selling conventions of yester-year are still something we can get away with today.

The practices, which relegated contemporary music as an innovative art-form; have since become the mainstreamer's dead horse.

Changing the jockeys on that dead horse; wont bring it back. This is evidenced by the copious amounts of home-made artists who have lined up and offered their best work only to be met with obsolescence and dismissal... As optimists , they (We, Me, You) seem to be lacking a certain critical awareness and intuition about this trend. We keep falling for it; Not understanding the change in the rules of this game.

When you purchase a Taylor Swift or RHCP album, what you really are buying into is an accompanying 'must-have' parade of amusements and indulgent narratives , which are now expected to come with the song. The consumer market demands (expensive) video content; expensive concert dates, and loads of expensive merchandise.

To that end; the song of today, which we so carefully nurtured through craft; has been relegated as a second-class "hook" to garner all of the aforementioned other features..

What used to be the epic entrée of catchy tale and story is now just a footnote in the bigger picture of the public's insatiable desire to get numb. They don't want to engage in story or tale...They just want us to cut to the punchlines, Its a diet of visual, aural and temporal punchlines...all wrapped up into about 3-4 minutes.

If anyone remembers the U.S. gold rush of the 1800's; the real wealth wasn't from the discovery of the gold... It was in the sales of the pans and shovels and that's where we are today... Keep writing songs if you must, But, any expectations of hitting the mother lode or even a pinch of dust... would just be old fashioned and outdated.

This is all just my opinion.

What say you?

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