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Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Album: "If I'd Only Had a Band"

Artist: Grant Collinsworth

EP Album published/released Nov 1,2022

If I'd Only Had a Band - Song break down

IF I'D ONLY HAD A BAND is a collection of six songs; written and arranged by Grant Collinsworth (The Acoustic Bruh); Engineered and mixed By Marcos Hernandez; Mastered by Marco Ramirez.

The EP was released in November, 2021.

'I Wrote This Song Because' contains candid description of each song by the featured artist.

"If I'd Only Had a Band":

The title track of the EP. This very simple, yet robust, folksy song has multiple layers of relatable prose; ranging from a beer garden 'Lets- plow- down- a -pitcher- together sing along, to the salient messages, sent to all fellow musicians. Its basically a passive -aggressive story of aspiration, grand delusion, followed by blame and justification for how and why the protagonist in this song might have failed (or succeeded ) in the showbiz industry...(Polite way to say a poetic, whiney song) "...Thank you radio, for the sanction of your board...Now tell me, where in the hell are the marketing lords?..." *This song was made strictly with wooden instrument ingredients.

"State of Bliss":

This is purely a song of recognition and gratitude to explain a resulting sense of bliss. The obvious implication is that it's a love song. But it avoids the standard clichés associated with standard love songs. Gratitude is spun and weaved through a blend of metaphors: " ...I'm a cigar and you're the bottle of wine ...". (Hey! it could have been "...I'm the corn flake and you are the milk"...but, who drives around in a limo, eating a bowl of cornflakes?). The song itself is an soft, yet rich Americana/Country theme, which in and of itself has been know to evoke certain bliss. *This song was made strictly with wooden instrument ingredients.

"Autumn Sky"

If gratitude doesn't say it enough, then the ultimate pledge of hope; that a mutual bliss can be obtained through synchronous deaths, under the right season; might say it all. To share together, that which lies on the other side would, surely be its own nirvana: In an afterlife, "...Down the stoney road; where the love we bring becomes our light..." reminds us of how we chose to hedge our bets in our previous material lives... This song might contain a gothic, ballad flavor. *This song contains natural wooden ingredients.

"So Cold"

In the face of an entire universe; conspiring in our favor; some people can still foolishly squander that phenomenon. Anecdotal evidence speaks to that, by way of: "...a bearded man, who can explain..."; giving the listener a reference to the unmistakable Ernest Hemingway ( without actually saying his name). This song recognizes and simply wishes to remind us of the 'possibility' that perhaps, nothing in our lives is really accidental. The world seems to be full of people; who dismiss the fortunes in life, which are handed to them. Entitled; ideologically challenged people be damned. There are no wooden guitar ingredients in this song.

"Get Your Timberon"

A good old -fashioned citation of a Blues Festival Event, which occurred in Timberon , New Mexico in 2012. The song reports the whole story as it unfolded, in something of around 32 bars, plus. ("Well, the rain went away and the sky turned blue...It was hot as Hell; but it seemed so cool...") However, It's not an ordinary story....It captures and promotes the underlying spirit of festivities during that event; despite the epic global-warming disaster levied on the bridge there (no pun intended). The sea of spirit in festival minded folks indeed rose above the swollen creek that had taken out the bridge to the festival grounds. . Fun song...Fun Times! *Note: At no time is global-warming even mentioned in this song. In fact if anybody construes and extrapolates anything global-warming at all about this song; please check your banner at the gate... It's not always about you...

"This House of Glass" (Winner of 2022 New Mexico Music Award (NMMA) for best in Americana)

This song is an ultimate plea and gaffe on every mean, stone-throwing, control-freaking, virtue signaling asshole, living in a glass house. The song is a plea...stating the rest of us want to be left alone to exercise our own free thinking without being "editorialized" (by a host of unqualified narcissists). But if ya gonna be like that then... "...No No No...You're missing the joke...Oh Oh Oh, you are not woke...". . *This song was made strictly with wooden instrument ingredients.

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