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Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Album: "Jason Grant"

Artist: Jason Grant Henderson

EP Album published/released 04-SEPT-2023

Jason Grant Henderson- EP Album in 2023

Jason Grant is a collection of seven songs; written and arranged by Jason Grant Henderson; Engineered and mixed by Jason Grant Henderson;;Mixed and Mastered by Gabriel Gonzalez

The EP was released in September, 2023.

'I Wrote This Song Because' contains candid description of each song by the featured artist.

My first album since before the pandemic hit all streaming services yesterday morning. The first track, ENJOY THE RIDE, was actually written in 2012 when my band broke up. I played it, one day, at a show and decided to update it for this Project. It features the only other instrumentalist, besides myself, on the whole project. Gabriel Gonzalez, who also mastered the whole album, plays drums. The song is essentially about learning to appreciate what you have, even if it's flawed.

I typically learn how to play instruments by writing songs on them. This is a simple song I wrote in 2019 while getting more familiar with the Uke. It didn't make it on the "Something Familial" EP, because it didn't fit the story I was trying to tell. This song was meant to SOUND happy but, have you ever been around someone who always has to be right? It is incredibly draining and it completely negates natural EQ and wisdom when it comes to matters of morality. But, by design, you can also enjoy it as a love song if you choose to.

This was the first song I wrote when we moved to El Paso. The guitar composition was one take and improvised. Then I built the song around that improvisation. It was meant to be a throwaway song to help me relearn Pro Tools but, as the words and therapy came, I decided to build the whole album around this story. It's about realizing your relationship has run its course but, instead of doing the mature thing and talking about it, you test your boundaries,until you cross them.

This is my favorite track on the album. One day Jim Beriault challenged me to write a song on the ukulele that didn't sound happy. (Shout out ILL LUCID ONSET and Rysenfall). This song is the result. I based my drums and bass on Rysenfall's composition of it so, huge shout-outs to Jim Beriault and Giancarlo Herrera. There is an emotional complexity to the subject matter that I'd rather not describe in detail but, essentially it's about living in a world you don't belong in, exiting that world, and realizing that world wiped you from its existence and memory, negating all that time, growth, and development.

Ya know in movies, when there's a dramatic drone note that signifies, something is about to change? I was inspired by that when I wrote this. If the song "That's Enough" is about walking right up to the edge of your moral boundaries, this song is about crossing the line just to finally be seen.

This is my absolute favorite song from ILL LUCID ONSET, a band I used to play keyboards in, and my brothers for life. I can't speak to the lyrical meaning as Ryan Aiello was the craftsman. To ME, it's about losing something, and not feeling comfortable in your own skin. Sometimes you do or say something you regret so much that you don't recognize the person staring back at you in the mirror.

This song is the denouement. The album was meant to be listened to as a story but I'm aware that most people don't listen to albums in their entirety as much as we used to. I kept the album down to 7 chapters. for that reason. The feel of this song is completely different as it is meant to capture the feeling of vindication and true compatibility.

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