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The average song contains a collection of lyrics, comprised of between 16 to 24 lines, (which cover the verses choruses and refrains, etc or simply put...tell the story) The average live performance duration for a performance is roughly 2- 3 hours . Each hour is comprised of a set, containing between 9 to 12 songs

So if any venue owner has difficulty grasping the parade of justifications to pay a performing musician, consider the following:

20 Lines of lyrics X 10 Songs X 2 Hours = 400 lines of memorized, articulated and musically executed lyrics. It so happens, it also measures up to the same level of effort that a leading or supporting featured Broadway actor achieves, to master a script for a single show. Broadway actors get paid, and its not chincey.

We all understand that most venues arent making any windfalls, Budgets are thin...We get it... But they should never lose site of the importance of investment in a musician. The benefits and returns are obvious... If a musician is good, the fan base will grow with the geography, and they will go where the musician is...(Preferably at 'your' venue). So, in your musicians...They have a whole script memorized for you...

Question: Would a musicians broadway be something like a 'Whiskey A Go-Go' club?