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"Homemade Remedies" - The BluePoetSouls" - Lyric Booklet
Lyrics by Grant Collinsworth -Copyright © 2011, 2012 - All Rights Reserved.

Booklet Dimensions:  (CD Insert - 4.75"x 4.55").   Ideal for a CD jewel case insert.  This authentic booklet (sold as separate item)  makes a nice addition to the download-collection of songs from the album titled 'Homemade Remedies" by Grant Collinsworth.  The booklet comes in limited edition;  is serialized and is signed by the artist.  It contains the lyrics for the following songs:

"Homemade Remedies"; 

"She Don't Love Me Anymore"; 

"No Loss of Will"; 

"Bench for Two";


"Mr Corn Rose";

"Nordic Dove";

"Blue Bonnet City";

"The Muse (Drawing Me Closer)";
"The Wind is Blowing On Christmas Day"

Lyric Booklet (Homemade Remedies) Limited Edition

  • The Album and all of its songs is separate.  The songs are free to download (Donations are vastly helpful) .   Go to the Album page to download. 

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