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Star-Parse Product Splash
  • All your favorite codes/commands in one place.  

  • Build your Library; Add; Edit or Remove codes/commands as necessary

  • Faster Lookups improves continuity in your game.

Star-Parse consolidates and organizes your favorite collection of Starfield® cheat codes and commands.  Build your Library and save time from scouring through multiple websites or scrolling through spreadsheets (over and over again) for routine cheat codes.   Store them in Star-Parse once.   Add; Edit or Remove cheats as necessary;  Speed up your Look-up capability ( Improves the continuity in your game.)

Product Information
Cheat Code Library
Data Editor
System Requirements:

Star-Parse was developed, using Microsoft Access ®.   To run Star-Parse; you need Windows (10 or 11) installed on your PC.  You must also have one or the other of the two following products installed on your system:


  1.  Microsoft Office 365 (With Access)

    • This is a typical subscription option for most Windows subscribers . Check your system to see if you have Access already installed.  If so, then you are good to go.   If not, simply install it through your Office 365 dashboard or Subscribe and download the MS Office 365 Suite (Includes Access).  (See the Button link below)

  2.  MS Access 365 Runtime Tool. 

    • Use this option if your system does NOT have MS Office 365 Installed. 

    • When visiting the MS download page, you will need to select your language from the dropdown listbox (midway in the page) 

    • Once you select the language; you will need to choose your system's Bit Version (32bit or 64bit) 

    • Download and install your version of the tool app.

    • NOTE: If MS Office 365 (with Access) is already installed, this tool will override that version of Access; until you uninstall the tool.

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